AME! And a girl moment. I don’t know what happened either.

October 9, 2010 § 2 Comments

Literally, I’ve just walked in the door from having dinner at The Pit (you know you’re jealous) & cupcakes from The Cupcake Shoppe (I know.  You hate me.) with the one, the only, the talented, the AWESOME Amy Seiffert.
The only word I can describe when she walked on up was surreal.  I had only heard of Amy through the equally awesomtastical Jenn Cribbs.   Through the wonderful power of the world wide interwebs, I’ve read her blog, experiencing bits and pieces of her life in northern Ohio.  With photos and precious words displayed from her screen to mine, I’ve felt like I was at least a tiny part of things like mustache parties, and weekends away, and doughnut dates.  To have this woman I’ve only imagined come to life before my eyes was craziness.

I cannot wait to share with you a few of the photos from tonight.  We were ridiculous and fun and a bit cold and then there was that DRUNK guy that took our picture which, somehow, crazily, turned out to be my favorite. Amy is infectious.  The good kind.  I couldn’t help but leave wondering when she and I could really hang out. Like, for realz.

And then, on the way home, girl moments abounded.  It doesn’t really help that the gorgeous and talented Imogen Heap has this amazing gift of taking words and ideas and metaphors and putting them together in to the most beautiful lyrics that have ever resonated with my soul.

“Pain on pain on play repeating
with the backup, makeshift life in waiting

Everybody says time heals everything
But what of the wretched hollow?”

And just like that, it was like this one time, while typing a tweet to Andrea “Jiggawhaaa” Updyke, sitting there thinking it was just another day in the neighborhood and through just a few words…innocent, everyday, just hangin’ out words…”how I long for the day someone will call ME ‘momma'”…
I lost it.

I’m so ready to be through all of this healing crap!  All riiiiiiiiight, “and then my ears, I understand, let’s get on with it!”

Driving down New Bern Avenue, astonished that it was after 11pm already, I quickly came up to the Bojangles intersection.  Between the two cars in the next two lanes, waiting at the red light, I see a stroller.  Brakes hit hard and fast.  I wait for it to cross in front of me.  And in the beam of my headlights is a family: Momma, Dad, no more than 2-year-old with his favorite bottle, and baby in the stroller.  Walking with backpacks and heavy jackets at 11 something pm.
“Where are they walking to??  At ELEVEN??  Why are those children even awake??”
I literally said all of those things out loud.

My tears suddenly ceased as it hit me that this family might be walking to nowhere.
How incredibly astoundingly rich is my life.
Pray for east Raleigh.


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