It’s hard to turn down something you love.

September 27, 2010 § 1 Comment

In July of this year, I pledged to only work a photography event or two, at the most, in my attempt to maintain a hold on my rope after I officially reached the end of it last semester.  There have been times before where I thought I had reached the end, but no.  They were just a glimpse of the last 15 feet or so.  Last spring, I reached the absolute end.  Couple that with some things reserved for never being published here and life was a rough, wonderful, crazy ride.  I knew I had to slow it down considerably with this decision to reign in my photography assignments being part of that goal.

However, life takes what you decide and laughs at it.

As if school, and the part-time job required to feed myself through school, and that crazy extrovert part of me needing to be involved in conversation & laughter every once in a while, were not enough. As if these 3 things plus my time involved with my wonderful church, Vintage, were not filling my schedule and leaving me longing for extra hours, I really, desperately desire to be an artist for the rest of my days.
The other day, via twitter, I complained that school is getting in the way of my real life.  As I am unable to create images through the school’s programs (at least, not until Prague) I am forced to do it in my free time.

Which also means that website design and educating myself so I can improve are also on my own free time.  Because I have tons of that just lying around.

But, this is one of the things that makes me happiest.  The combination of engaging with incredibly awesome people and creating art is just addictive.

So, when momma’s of adoreable lil’ girls ask if I can photograph them it is difficult to turn them down.

Could you resist this face?



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§ One Response to It’s hard to turn down something you love.

  • Justin says:

    You have your photography. I have my tech support/computer-building. Or maybe I just need to start charging more to discourage inquiries. Hrm.

    And no. I could not resist the face. Resistance is futile.

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