Running, Marie, and Men. (sigh) Yeah.

September 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Usually, I try to keep my thoughts to y’all as concise as possible.  Today, however, is a whole bunch.  And by whole bunch, I mean 3.

First, I RAN.  The weather has finally cooled down enough that, as @onwardhoe says, we no longer feel like we live on the sun.  Bethie had told me about this program she was using that talked you through a certain run.  (Her name is Chubby Jones, which cracks me up.  The program voice is Chubby, not Bethie.)  She told me where she was in the program and I thought, “Oh, pssssh.  I got this.”  Decided I could just hop right on board in to week 3 (or 11, I don’t really know at this point).  It wasn’t a long one, but between the Chinese I had for lunch that day and the loooooong period of time since my last real run, it was more than enough to whip my butt. 

Yes, I said Chinese I had for lunch that day.  Because I get stupid sometimes.
Don’t worry.  I lived.

THEN, like the next day…wait.  It might have been the same day.  I have no idea.  This week has been like that.  All day today, for instance, I thought it was either Tuesday or Friday.  Bothered me greatly to learn, EVERY TIME, that it was actually Thursday.  (It is Thursday, right?) 

Anyways, my friend Marie called me late.  Like 11pm late.  I’m sitting in my office, staring at the phone, going “No way, Jose.  I’ma pooped poodle.”  However, because of the awesome voice mail she left, I called her back.  And just like that, I’m photographing her brother’s beach wedding next month.
Love it.

Yes, this is the same Marie that helped me not lose my lunch en route to Canada.  She is my Cubmexicana sistah going on 8 years now and her family is fan.tas.tic.  And they were in a jam.  I could not, in good conscience, NOT help them.  Within 48 hours, I had every possible need taken care of and I am overjoyed to have the opportunity to photograph this crazy familia latina. 🙂  I am very much looking forward to it.

Last, Jesus is doing some serious work in the realm of boys, boys v. men, and how the sexes should treat each other (amongst other things, ha).  It continues to blow my mind how insane the expectations are that we women put on our men.  They are, need I remind you, just as screwed up as we are.  Hear me well, they drive me up the effing wall sometimes, too.  So, then the dance I do with Jesus becomes “What standards are vital?  Which ones are Godly?  And which ones just need to get out da DOE already?” 

Putting the results of that thought process in to practical application is difficult.  Especially when boys do things that really frustrate me.  Like, only know of me, email kindly, make me laugh, invite me to things, and then, they meet me. 
Aaaaand there goes all manners of kindness towards me. 

It’s true.  My body height, size, weight, you name it.  I have struggled with it endlessly.  I have vowed that it would not keep me from doing things like dancing or playing sports. 
However…I am still a human.  I am still a woman.  I am not an idiot.
It is hard to remember my value does not come from some male or his actions.  My value and my worth has one source and one source alone.
But, I still have feelings.
I read somewhere once that men’s emotions are like a tv dinner, all compartmentalized and stuff.  And women’s were like a chicken pot pie, all mixed together and simmering under a very fragile crust.
Hahaha, how true that is sometimes.
Where was I going with this?

Males, I don’t get them.  Jerry admits they don’t get us either.  And he is way better at it than I am.
(Warning!! A couple of expletives, if you don’t enjoy that sort of thing) 🙂


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