Yea-uh I talked my way in to Canada!

August 30, 2010 § 3 Comments

See, what ha happen was…
I needed some quiet.  Basically.

I made the decision in the middle of July to drop off the grid for the 2nd week of August.  And, while I didn’t drop as far off the grid as originally hoped, it definitely happened.
And the week before, I pulled 17 hour days so that I could drop off the grid.  And when I returned, Nicole (my now former roommate) had moved out, classes had started, and Naomi (my now current roommate) was just 5 days away from moving in.
And just like that, we’re in the full swing of the semester.

While I am going to respect my time off the grid by not writing all about it, I can tell you that I went to Canada.  What I affectionately call the “North”.  That’s short for “Great White North”.  Don’t worry, they like it.

I hit the road hard and managed to have every possible obstacle every dreamt of by that turd Murphy (minus a flat tire) and was having lunch with my friend Marie just north of Pittsburgh before I learned a passport was required for entry in to Canada.
Just label me “special”, aight???  Seriously, I was 3 hrs from the border when I figure this out and immediately felt like I was going to throw up.  There were some very awesome people waiting on me in Canada that I had not seen in over 2 years.  I was practically foaming at the mouth to get there.  And then Marie, all non-chalant and CASUAL, goes “I’d love to go to Canada, but with 6 kids that new passport requirement is a killer.”  “Um, passport requirement??”  “Amaris…you need a passport to ent…………….you look really pale.  Here, drink your beer.”
(You can’t make conversation like this up, folks.)

I figured I couldn’t come so far without at least trying, approached the border, talked to a very nice Canadian Immigrations officer, who decided in 10 short minutes that I was worthy enough to be admitted in to their fair country.
Then, on the return, I had to wait for 2.5 hours with over 200 of my closest friends also trying to get in to the States.
You want to banish me to Canada?  You go RIGHT ahead.
If they had forced me to stay, there was a cottage on the beach of Lake Huron with my name on it.  I was not worried.

But, they finally decided I was, in fact, American and let me back in.

Everyone needs to disconnect.  Unplug from the smartphone/interwebs/email/GPS/online mainframe.
My time in Canada was worth every freakin’ stinkin’ minute of that 2.5 hour wait in US Immigration.


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