Gus left me (already).

August 4, 2010 § Leave a comment

Confession: I have not run in liiiiiiike, a month.

I know.  Honestly, it’s kind of killing me.  My legs ache for Umstead trails and my soul aches for the alone time.  With the heat, there has been little will to run.  And y’all, good Lord almighty, it has been hot.

However, I did get my 3 sessions in with Gus.  Gus, the Venezuelan Trainer of Death (or ToD).  He worked me and ran me and after the very first session I was in the Johnson’s kitchen attempting to show Daniela how to do caterpillars.  What?  What’s a caterpillar?  GYAH…  Basically, you start from standing position, bend over, walk your hands out into a plank, hold for 10 seconds, walk your feet forward, walk your feet back, walk your hands back, and stand up again.
And then you do that 9 more times.
That’s the warm-up.

The day after he emailed asking how I felt.  I told him exactly how I felt.
My ribs hurt.  Like someone had beat me up.
(That was from the ab ball/medicine ball workout.  Which was my cool down.  I think these people kill small rodents for the thrill of it.)

And then Gus moved to Charlotte.
I know, right?
It’s okay, though.  Right as he left, the school gym closed down until August 15th.  So, I will be forced to find other ways to get movin’.  With Beth back in town, we are hoping to do a Just Dance round robin tournament over at the Buddy Towne.  (<—I still say this sounds like a really awful porno.)

What is Just Dance?!


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