NOT a Italia. A Raleigh!

July 28, 2010 § 1 Comment

I’m about to plow through the last (approximately) 11 hours of the 40 hours I have worked the past 5 days (I had one day off).  Though the pay has been good, it has not been tons of fun.  Yesterday, because God is good, the sun never came out and the temperature hovered just around 80.  AND it rained! Great day.

Anyways, I’m just rambling at this point.  The whole point of working so much in such a short amount of time is so that I can go to Asheville on Friday. Whitney, JBeau, and myself will be piling in to Marlene and heading west around lunchtime for the sole purpose of moving Beth.  I know, she moves a lot.  I can say that.  I move a lot.  But, this time, she’s moving a RALEIGH!  (You may commence your chair bouncing, dancing, sexy up, or sexy down now.)

I will ALSO get to see Gran-Gran, Papaw, and my momma’s sister!  So.  stinkin’. EXCITED.

And THEN, on Sunday, we’re going to see Annie.  If you do not know of her love for musicals….who are you?  You don’t even know her.  (Please please please don’t ask her about Legally Blonde: The Musical.  We just got her to stop singing.)


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  • Beth says:

    (Singing the opening song from Legally Blonde: The Musical) Ooooohhhh my god, on my god you guys. All this week, I’ve had butterflies.

    Now that song’s going to be stuck in my head for a week. I’ll sing it for you on Friday.

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