Andrea is boo-tee-full.

July 22, 2010 § 1 Comment

I chose to not show you her Powerpuff Girl impression.

One night at community group last year I thought “Jesus…please please PLEASE, could you bring along someone my age?  Someone similar to me who I could talk to and share life with?  I’m older than 25 and in COLLEGE.  No one gets that.  It might seem big, but…”  And, almost audibly (I swear to God), Jesus went “AHEM….Couldya look up please??”  I raised my head and found myself staring right at Andrea.  I almost yelped right there in the middle of Bible study!

Jesus does answer prayer.

If you’ve been in my life for….ohhhh….longer than ten minutes, you know full well that I am definitely not boring.  For one reason or another, I find it difficult to not lay my life open for people to peer into and rummage around.  I burp in public (it’s because of the surgery!!!  I’m working on it!), swear every once in awhile, and yell loudly at basically any sporting event.  However, I also love good hugs, listen as often as possible, and will bake you anything your little heart desires.
Sidenote: Baking sincerely is the key to solving all life’s issues.  You bring me cupcakes, I love you for LIFE.
Just sayin’.

All of these things I think about myself are also true of my dear friend, Andrea. She has helped me change a flat in the middle of Raleigh Boulevard (AT NIGHT….no, no one ever stopped, thanks for ASKING!).  We’ve danced in houses, out at bars, and in the kids area of church.  On one of her many trips to Washington, she returned home with a box for me.  Inside that box was a cupcake.  A cupcake with bacon on it.  BACON. I about died.
We are both hostesses at the only two decent Asian restaurants downtown and she came to work with me one night when we were slammed.  That might be the best night I have ever had at work.  Yes, I have introduced us as the “Asian Sensation”.  She wasn’t too thrilled with it.
She is the same Andrea that burned the road up with me to Charleston for less than 48 hours this past spring.  She and my parents fell in love, moved in together, and had puppies.

One of my (and now her) favorite little places. Sullivan's Island, SC

She also is one of just a handful of women I can call at 2am and who can call me at any hour of the day, losing her mind over whatever is bothering her.

Her: “The form didn’t say to fill out 78-B2 it just said B!  Now, I’ve gone and screwed the whole damn thing and it is NOT MY FAU…”
Me: “Wanna meet me at Raleigh Times/The Pit/any bar in the area?”
All the hyperventilating will cease, I’ll almost think she hung up, and the reply (pretty much every time)?
Her: “Oh, God yes.  See you in an hour.”

We talk about anything and everything, from Jesus to whatever guy we’re dealing with to the guy we just WANT TO COME ALONG ALREADY FOR CRYIN’ OUT LOUD.  We briefely had an anthropology class together with a crazy lady (I dropped it.  Andrea stayed.  She hasn’t let me live it down yet.).
She makes life more bearable.
And then….homegirl grows up and gets a real job!

This is the part of being an adult I am not, necessarily, a fan of.
That real job will take her to Washington, D.C. and she just found out today. Her start date at said new job is in less than two weeks.  She officially moves in ten days.

So, if you have not yet met this beautiful woman who loves her some Jesus, some T-Pain, and a really really good margarita, I suggest you make that happen rull quick.

‘Cause she’s leaving.
I cannot confirm or deny whether or not I am tearing up about this.
(Sigh.  I am.)

At that one concert, right before Jerod Johnson ran by screaming "She has to VOMIT!!!"


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