Oregon makes life better. (Oh & Alec Baldwin, too.)

July 17, 2010 § 1 Comment

Two things have improved the value of my life this week.

and this guy.

Before this week, I really, well, detested Alec Baldwin.  (I didn’t know him at the time of this picture.  Why would anyone detest THAT???)  Then, the Perkins family asked me to take care of Oregon for a week.  They also were gracious enough to open up their home so Oregon could stay in her home and the week apart from the world has been…amazing.
Thing is, in this past season of life, I have been seeking quiet.  In May, I took a leave of absence from serving at Vintage.  I asked for less shifts at the Duck.  I moved in with only ONE roommate (rather than 3).  There have been no classes for school.  I started spending the first part of my morning in silence.  I have signed up for YOGA.  Not just a half-marathon…YOGA.  For the most part, this crazy extrovert decided to take a break from people.  Let that sink in.
The extrovert.
Wanted a break.
From people.
Y’all, that’s like Lindsey Lohan stepping up and going “Yeah…you know…I am sorry for everything.  I’d like to give back all the clothes, and the booze, and live in a compound in the mountains.”  <—Um, what ha happened?  (Sidebar: I am so much funnier in person.  You’re missing out on all kinds of expressions and tonal inflection and accents.  End of sidebar.)

Don’t worry.  I haven’t jumped off the deep end.  I just realized that things were a bit too fast-paced and it was wearing on me.  I didn’t have time for gardening, or calling my family, or sleeping more than 6 hours a night.

With all the busy and the stress and the twitching and the drinki…er…..so anyway, my life definitely didn’t have room for television before, oh, this week.  And then, I show up to the Perkins collection of 30 Rock DVD’s.  Y’all….how, HOOOOW did  I not know of this show before?!?!  I have ripped through 2 seasons in 5 days.  And that includes working, and taking Ore to the dog park, and sleeping!  I don’t want to think about how many episodes that is and, honestly, my bum is a bit numb from this couch.

However, I am now a giant Alec Baldwin fan.  This show is genius and has left me with a plethora of inappropriate quotes that I will only be able to use with my sister and Beth.

Both the show and the adoreable dog have made my life better.
Thank you, Perkins family.

(PS-Tomorrow I improve the value of my life by turning in my Blackberry for a regular phone.  A boring, normal, texting-is-the-most-complicated-thing-it-does…phone.
PPS-I’ve had my first session with Gus!  He has also made my life better this week…I just have a hard time flushing the toilet now.)


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