I, signed, up, and marathon, all in one sentence.

July 9, 2010 § 3 Comments

Dear beautiful people, thank you for being patient with me.  The past 30 days has been…um, RIDONKULUSS.  Much to tell you, along with pictures of course! Momma and I went to Philadelphia & had a fantastical time, I photographed a wedding in Charlotte, went to Charleston with 2 great boys for less than 24 hours to play bocce ball on the beach in the rain, and I signed up for a half marathon.

Yeah, you read that right.
If you’re not aware, I did the Avon Walk for Breast Cancer Awareness in 2008 with the silly & hilariousical Whitnaaay and the beautiful (& still incomparable!) Beth ‘OnwardHoe’ Parent. We were the Rack Pack (you read that right, too) and that weekend was a pivotal one in my life.  Some serious change came about as a result of it, I realized the only thing holding me back from being awesome was myself, AND I submitted to be the spokeswoman for SmartWool.  Have you not yet discovered SmartWool socks?  Ohhhhh, buddy…BUDDY. Come, let the new spokeswoman show you.  Ok, that sounds creepy.  Seriously though, I walked 34 miles in 2 days wearing those things and guess what?  Not one blister.  Not one, y’all.  If you know someone at the company, tell them I’d love to share their love with all peoples!
I digress.  If you’d like to hear more about the event, go read it over with Beth.

Well, since that time Beth has moved from Raleigh to Italy, traveled Europe, back to Raleigh, then to Asheville and the girl is finally coming HOME, again, to Raleigh.  In all things ironic, I’ve changed houses 6 times, but have not gone anywhere.  True story.  My current roommate, Nicole, ran a half marathon last month in Seattle and, as you know, I took up running this spring.  And, in the midst of all the crazy of bringing Beth home (again), this is what happened as a result of Twitter:

@culotte (ahem…that’s me):  considering starting training for a half marathon. who’s down???

And then…

  • Beth: Can we start when it doesn’t feel like we live on the sun?
  • Me: oh, definitely. deeeeeeeeefinitely.
  • Beth: Can skipping and spastic dancing be part of the training?
  • Me: girl…YES.
  • Beth: Can we celebrate each attained goal with cookies?
  • Me: YES!
  • Beth: Can we run it somewhere awesome and make it a vacation too?
  • Me: like new york? orrrrrr hmmm…seattle?!! San Diego?? puerto rico? i vote the last one. we can, um, “practice” espanol.
  • Me: so what all did I promise again? Colder temp, cookie incentives, skipping/spastic dancing…anythi OH! And Puerto Rico. That all?
  • Beth: That’ll do it!

So, we’re not going to Puerto Rico.  However, we are going to New Orleans, which is totally exciting.  It will only be my second time in New Orleans (the last being in 2001) and Beth has never ever ever ever been.  We’re planning on wearing something festive, including gold sparkly afro wigs, and doing pre-planned choreographed spastic dancing.  You heard that right, too. Choreographed spastic dancing.
We’ll fit right in.  This is a Rock ‘N Roll Marathon!  Yes, they have those!  All along the route is live entertainment native to the area, there’s a troupe of dudes that dress up like Elvis, face painting, AREN’T YOU EXCITED?!?!
I am.  And I’m not even including the cookies yet.

Dallas, a good friend of ours who has also recently come home from Asheville, has signed up to run along with and we’ll take anyone else who wants to go. This is by no means a girls only trip.  We’ll be training together about once a week and I’ll be working out an additional four times a week with salsa & swing dancing, running Umstead trails, Zumba classes, and anything else I can do to get my legs moving.

We’re also recruiting for cheerleaders (team name yet to be assigned).  It’ll be a weekend-ish trip, right over Valentine’s Day 2011.
It’s gonna be a helluva good time.


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§ 3 Responses to I, signed, up, and marathon, all in one sentence.

  • Whitney says:

    OK, couple-a one, two things right quick like…

    1) you can link to my blog instead of twitter if you want (whitdawg.blogspot.com)
    2) Beth gets described as “the beautiful (& still incomparable!) Beth” while I get “Silly Whitney.” *scoff* This hardly seems fair. I’m going back to 1999 when my online presence was becoming saturated by the moniker “sillywhitney” and changing courses.
    3) I want to join the half-marathon team (name TBD)!!! N’awlins 2011, woohoooo!!!

  • beautifulflaw says:

    Done!! 🙂
    And yeaaaaaaaaaauh!

  • Beth says:

    Hahahaha…This pleases me. All of it.

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