Sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero. ~Marc Brown

June 25, 2010 § 1 Comment

Twenty-four years ago today, the world changed forever.  It started with my lil’ brother coming in to it…and promptly peeing on the doctor’s shoes.  The third in line, and the baby, and the only boy, my folks didn’t really see it coming.  In all fairness, they weren’t the only ones.  David J. Hames coming to God’s beautiful green earth has changed a lot of lives.  We Hames folk do at least one thing well…we rock your world.

David is an outgoing, amazing guy who got hit with a lot of struggle. “NOT THE MOMMA!!!” became his battle cry in preschool as he tried growing up under three momma’s. (Ahem, that’s momma + my sistah and myself.)  We use it to this day as a family and yes, we use it on our Momma even though she technically is the Momma.  The fact that he isn’t locked up in a mental institution after the environment we threw him in to should show you how strong he is.  If you’ve met us Hames women, you know I’m right! We maaaay or may not be a bit intense.  Just sayin’.

The other thing is that, at the age of 17, David had a grand mal seizure on the beach.  It was his first (definitely not his last) and his world got thrown upside down.
Just add it to the pile.
A year ago, he was diagnosed with diabetes. By looking at these photos (some of my most favorite, from just this past spring), you can see that my brother is not some out of shape, never leaves the house kid.  He loves training, lifting, football, in-line skating, skateboarding, BMXing, and beatboxing <—which, btw, he totally ROCKS at.  He’s this constant bundle of energy that just doesn’t sit still.  We believe that the medication he must take for his epilepsy has resulted in the diabetes.

Through ALL of this (and  then some), David pushes through.  He is strong.

And good golly Moses, can the kid make you laugh.
Lots of folks that just meet him are overwhelmed by his volume and bluntness. (Um, yes, hi…have you and I met?  Because I’m just about the same.)  We women are not the only intense ones!  But, we love to make you laugh, and he is no exception.  David even cracks HIMSELF up…which is the best, in my opinion.  But, the cool thing is, he’s the same in front of everyone.  He acts like himself in front of me, in front of my grandparents, your Aunt Lula (or our Aunt Lula), your Aunt Lula’s dog, the President….it doesn’t much matter.  He’ll have you chuckling and a little bit uncomfortable faster than my momma can get you a glass of tea (while you wait).

Please tag along to Charleston with me.  I’d love for you to meet him.  If you can convince him to come to Raleigh permanently, I’ll cook you dinner every week for a YEAR!
He’s just that awesome.
My brother is a total superhero.

Happy Birthday, Boomer!

I freaking stinking love you!


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