Great googly moogly.

June 12, 2010 § Leave a comment

Charleston is known for it’s humidity.  The wetness that causes you to keep changes of clothes in your car and leaves a sticky taste in the roof of your mouth.  It’s like walking around outside in a blanket.  No one is safe.  This past week, and today specifically, have felt like that.  I thought I moved away from this crap.  Alas, no, here it has been, following me.  Between Charles Gillikin’s outdoor high school graduation (Iiiii have no idea whose idea it was either…) and late-night dancing tonight, I just took my first shower of the day.  Yes, at 327am.  Right after I helped a  German change a flat in my street.  All of that was after dancing.

Dancing brings value to my life.  Miss @onwardhoe claims to only dance at things like wedding receptions and to that I say, “Wait…what????”  I unwind with dancing, breathe easier after dancing, long for the man that will wish to dance with me in the foyer….if I were to be able to live somewhere with a beach and dancing, I would be in heaven.  Both are stress-reducing activities.  My psoriasis needs less stress.  My psoriasis is freaking out.

Momma and I are going to Philadelhphia/DC for her birthday.   Pray hard. 😉

And Marlene is severely injured.  Damn deer.


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