No 2 days are ever the same. I’m okay with it.

May 30, 2010 § Leave a comment

What an interesting day.

We are officially Derby Drive residents.  The furniture is in, cookbooks grace the kitchen desk, and the hutch has, well, everything. 😉  Our combined glassware collection, at the very least.  Our driveway has burned the rubber off two sets of truck tires now, due to the steepness of the hill it forms, and God bless the many sets of hands that hauled item after item out of that 22-foot truck that couldn’t make it up that hill.  If you helped today, we are so incredibly thankful.

Yesterday was chaotic, to put it mildly, including finding a wandering puppy over at Cleveland that I simply could not let continue to wander.  She joined me in the cab of Rob’s truck until we could get her to the SPCA and, come to find out, just ten minutes before we arrived, someone had called searching for her.  I did something right.

Isn’t she precious?

However, by just a few hours later, the chaos and the heat overtook my rational thinking and I called my folks for they are my island of sanity.  They were trying to keep it a surprise, but could detect the panic in my voice and said they were en route and would be here in time for a late dinner.

I whooped and hollered and danced up that steep driveway where I then proceeded to jam out in the kitchen.  Nicole looked at me as if I were a crazy but, needless to say, I was relieved.  They came for less than 24 hours.  Dad got DRENCHED in the thunderstorm last night.  Momma and I were in a Wal-Mart after midnight.  And, this morning, Nicole called me in the middle of what started as another completely chaotic day, but was saved by my parents.
“Amaris, your dad is AMAAAAAZING.   He has this moving thing DOWN.  And he knows how to keep these boys under control!  We could not have done this without him.” We couldn’t have done it without either of them.  Momma and I packed up the last remnants of my life at Cleveland in under two hours.  Time enough to swing on the front porch and talk life and drink sweet tea.

There was a lot of sweat, a bit of swearing, and a 6-car + 22-foot truck caravan over to our new home.  We cooked our first dinner here and ended the night with great conversation, whiskey, and cigars on our new back patio that will always smell like clean laundry.

Momma, Dad, Dana, Justin, Austin, Steve, Brandon, Jenn, Daniela, Joel, and Taylor….


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