Lighter fare.

May 25, 2010 § 2 Comments

Currently, I am supposed to be packing.  I move in just a few days and I’ve only quasi-started.  After being out of places in just a few hours, I’m finding it difficult to start the process so far in advance.  Seems like a whole lotta time to be puttin’ stuff in to boxes, don’t ya think?  And how do I pack up the martini glasses DAYS early?  What if I need one of them?!

Instead of packing, I’ve been watching the House season finale.  (o.m.GEE!!!  so so SO GOOD!)  And playing around with photos.  Like this one.  My friend Daniela’s brother, Charles, and Charles’ “after-school friend” Kendra before they climbed into a giant Cadillac and went off to prom.

I’m in love with it.

I’ve had quite a few projects over the past couple of months, including this one.  And, I’ve discovered the reason for 293 photographers within 100 miles of the Raleigh area.  Photography really is the best gig EVER.  A job that allows for a truck, comfy clothes, and my extrovert self talking to all kinds of different people all day.  And then, sit down and create beautiful art.


If you’d like to play around in an abandoned house, a Wal-Mart, on the top of a parking deck, or in the middle of the woods (see above)…let me know.  We’ll share a beer and laughter afterwards.


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