It’s okay, I’m a professional.

May 18, 2010 § 5 Comments

In just ten short days, I am leaving Cleveland Street.  This house has been an amazing blessing.  With the giant kitchen and table for as many as 15, much life has been lived here as folks have crowded in to belt out Happy Birthday (as loudly and off-key as possible!) countless times.  Sunday dinners have practically become a tradition and the front porch swing quickly became the landing spot for great late-night conversation.  I have waltzed across the hardwoods with gorgeous 4-year old girls & Jenn Cribbs alike.  Momma’s couch in my room has become nearly therapeutic for those that grace it, keeping me up late to laugh hard & loud and talk life.  The verbena in the garden has taken off and the roses are blooming twice as much this year as a result of my yard labor.  Our front door is practically revolving with the amount of foot traffic it accommodates and, even though the utility bills are RIDONKULUSS, I have enjoyed each and every minute of life in this place.  After moving 3 times in one semester, landing in this home with these three other women has blessed my soul.

Yes, I moved 3 times in one semester.  Overall, I’ve changed homes somewhere between 25 and 33 times.  I’d honestly have to count all over again to give you an accurate number.  We moved almost once a year (sometimes more often) when I was growing up and the tradition just continued once I graduated high school.  And you thought I was a crazy outgoing personality naturally?  Haha, oh Lord no, this took YEARS of practice.  New school after new school, new church, grocery stores, jobs, the list keeps going of new faces that I had to learn, interact with, and understand.  After high school, I lived in Toronto and traveled internationally, which only raised the ante for how extrovert I really had to become.  Being so outgoing, however, got me a great friendship with a guy named Mike Kenny, who flew down with me to SC to load up a cargo van and drive back to Ontario.  In January.  Yes, I drove around the south side of Lake Erie in a cargo van in January.  Did I mention it was a straight drive overnight?  Well, it was.  And in the HOUR of sleep I managed to get around 3am, Mike took SIX “Wake-Ups” and consumed 2 Mountain Dews.  I woke up and could have SWORN he had taken crack while I was asleep.  To this day, ten years later, I have never seen Señor Kenny so claws-in-the-ceiling hyperactive.  I mean, he was practically twitching.

Now, after 27ish moves (big on the ish), I am something of a professional.  Recently, my friends the Alder’s asked some of us to come help them load their U-haul.  We arrived at 9am to an empty truck and Em still upstairs packing things.  I climbed into the back of that 26-foot truck and started hollerin’ for stuff.  “Sectional sofa please!  Ok ok, now the washer…what about that kid’s easel?  No, grill goes on last…um, loading a loaded propane tank is probably A BAD IDEA.”  By 1pm everything was on board with, literally, 2.5 inches to spare and we were eating pizza.  My momma and I joke that I’m going to marry someone in the military.

It never gets easier though.  Moving.  Sure, I’m much more efficient and can go from nothing packed at all to completely out in under 6 hours (yes, I’ve done it before.  It was insane.).  However, extracting yourself from a place you’ve called home, boxing it all up and going somewhere new, even if it’s just across town, still wears on you.  It is still emotionally draining on some small level.  Just another pretty little picture that I’m having to let die.  Again.  For the 20-somethingth time.  Change is hard.  But, without it, I wouldn’t stumble upon friendships like the one I have with Michael Kenny.  A man that will drive my stuff through the night and through the snow, consuming liquid crack to make sure both it and me arrive safely in our new town.

This time around, though it’s just a few miles away, I will have the help of quite a few friends.  Beautiful people that will hug me while I cry standing in front of my home on Cleveland and be there to greet me with wine and laughter when I show up at Derby Drive.  Change is hard, yes.  But, you’ll never find anybody who achieves great success in life without a give-up story. –Dustin Bates


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§ 5 Responses to It’s okay, I’m a professional.

  • Justin says:

    I can’t imagine moving that often. I hate, hate, hate moving. Actually, I should say, I hate (hate, hate) moving _other people_. But, God and fates allowing, I’ll try to come up that weekend. Strong back, etc.

  • Kathy says:

    I hear you and you put my words and emotions on “paper” I don’t have quite as many moves as you (18, but 16 of them have happened in the last 13 years) and each move brings unexpected highs and lows and grace from my Jesus.

  • A Guy Named Mike Who IS Crazy says:

    I would like to point out that the ONE HOUR of sleep you are referring to is not the only sleep you got! You got ONE HOUR (at least) going into every state and leaving every state. I know because I drove while you slept.

  • beautifulflaw says:

    I do not know what you are talking about. I remember crossing into WV with you, and PA, and then there was the crazy McDonald’s stop with NO BISCUITS….which is just WRONG, somehow. I think you’re just makin’ schtuff up. The end. 🙂

  • JBrodie says:

    When are you moving? I’ll help as long as I’m not in the hades known as CiCis. Just hit me up.

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