Crazy tree and a new house

May 8, 2010 § 1 Comment

First things first, we have signed a lease on a new house!!! Woot! Lil’ miss (aka Nicole) and I will be moving in Memorial Day weekend to Derby Drive in east Raleigh. Only a few miles away, but a totally different world! We’ll post pictures soon, but that sound you hear? Yes, it’s totally us pleading for your help. We’ll feed you and provide beer (or coffee, depending on the hour). Really, the only positions left are heavy lifters. Furniture stagers, shelf hangers, and keeping-Amaris-and-Nicole-sane/wine pourer have all been taken. Well, or badminton net assembler. That position is left as well. You’re also welcome to just show up. We love a full house.

In that same sort of vein, if you’re an artist of ANY kind, we want to know! We’re hoping to fill our home with local art and even better if it’s the art of friends! Feel free to comment or email me and we’ll chat. So excited. 🙂

No, none of this has anything to do with the crazy tree. Or the cat on the roof. See, this same Nicole and I have a saying. We use it to imply that we’re stressed the eff out and are in need of hugs/chocolate/dancing in the rain/support. “The cat is on the roof!” tells me I should pick up PD IV, call the girl, and let her vent. Sometimes, we substitute that with “I have climbed in to the crazy tree!” and I’ll talk her down out of it. There’s quite a few folks in my life that feel comfortable calling me to talk them down out of their crazy trees. And, I’m glad! Everyone deserves to have folks to talk them down, because we all climb up there. Let’s get real.

Sometimes, though, when I’m in the crazy tree, I don’t know who to call. I recognize that I’m in the crazy tree, and that I’m (likely) not being rational. It’s just stress. But, I don’t need to be TOLD that. Like my amazing friend/future roomie Nicole, sometimes I just need some positive reinforcement. Some acknowledgment that I’m a human, sometimes hormones are ridiculous and here, for the love of everything Amaris, have a Snickers. Oh, why thank you, I feel much better.

Sometimes, the weight of the world is just so heavy. The brokenness feels like it’s too much. I know that this is part of becoming an adult. And before I know it, my brain has jumped in to the fast lane, cranked up the techno, and is doin’ 102mph on the road to “This is why we get married…when do I get my turn???!??” and then I’m talking myself out of my own crazy tree.

Sometimes, I think I just live in here.
Send Snickers.


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