Still runnin’. Aren’tchyew proud?!

May 3, 2010 § 1 Comment

Normally, I take you on this little walk in my blogs, before I tell you what I’m gonna tell you.  A prelude, or preface, if you will.  But, y’all, after this event, can I just say????


You can’t make stuff like this up!!!! 

For all you marathoners, cross-country skiers, bikers, Cardioke singers (yeah, you know who you are)…just hush for a minute.  Because this is a superfantastical big deal. 

I’ve never run longer than a mile in my entire life.  Ever.  Never ever.  At least, not that I know of.  So, I vote that counts enough to say never.  I can’t even say I’ve thought about it before this year.  Sure, I’ve wanted to be healthier and able to be more active, but usually those activities are things like dancing or playing frisbee.  I can’t say that I would ever have previously called myself a “runner”. 

But, there I was last Wednesday, with Dana and Nicole (half of my unofficial Vintage21 running club) and as we got started I thought to myself “Today is it.  This is happening.”  And it was slower than either of them normally run, I know, but I was thankful for the company.  Conversation with them kept me going up the little hill that begins the Reedy Creek Trail at Umstead State Park and before I knew it, Dana looked at me and goes “Hey….half a mile.”
“Really?  Well, awesome, but don’t tell me that stuff…just tell me when we’ve hit the mile.”
Down the hill, over the bridge, up another hill….”Amaris, that was a mile.”
Insert exuberant jubilation here.

I kept it up over another bridge to 1.12 and, as another giant hill loomed on the other side, I called it quits and power walked.  The marathoners kept it up and I had some quiet time.  Up the hill, turned around, and ran again.  It was nearly the end of the route before they caught up to me, which is a significant improvement.

It’s crazy to think it only took me 28 years to accomplish this.  But, I am not slowing down.  We’re reaching the point where I actually enjoy this jog through the woods.  No cars, red lights, malls, screaming children, or technology.  Woods, whomever I am running with, me, and Jesus.

According to Nicole, He starts a real conversation at mile 5.  I can totally totally do this.

If you’d like to join, I’d love to see you. 🙂


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