Daddy’s make everything better.

May 3, 2010 § Leave a comment

Ain’t gonna lie, y’all.  It’s been a long, crazy semester.  I don’t even know where April went.  It was like that trippy Willy Wonka boat ride.  You don’t remember that?!?!  Well…

April was just. like. THAT.  Jesus and I had quite a few (albeit selfish) chats over the course of the month and then, quasi-unexpectedly, Dad showed up Saturday afternoon.

My folks live about four hours away in Charleston, my other home.  Visits from them are occasional and typically are planned in advance, but he and me had more conference calls than a Senate sub-committee this past week.  Finally, Saturday morning he called to say he’d start heading my way.  I had to work Saturday night, but it was alright as Dad had a project.  My computer was STILL not entirely functional.  Due to the craziness that was April, I didn’t even mess with it and had pimped out my loaner iPad to Dana in exchange for his AMAZING Macbook Pro.  Now, I’m in love and am finding it difficult to give it back.  (Wait, what if he reads this??  Crap.)

My computer (poor thing) didn’t have sound, was making funky noises I couldn’t identify, had an extra hard drive in there somewhere and had already resulted in me taking video of its insides so that Dad could make sure all the plugs were in the right spot.  I am quasi technologically savvy.  But, please, for the love of Pete, don’t ask me to build one of those things because either a) all the electricty in the house will go out b) all the electricty on the grid will go out or c) the whole thing will explode into 278 THOUSAND pieces.  I know this about myself and, typically, just refrain from doing anything with it at all.  I unplug it and take it to Dad.  “Here.  Fix, please.”  And he does so graciously.

This weekend was no exception in regards to Dad and his grace, as he took over my living room trying to reload, unplug, and whatever else you gotta do to fix a PC.  After work, while it was still ramming (or something), he took  me to great Italian dinner.  We closed the place down and, later, I vaguely remember leaving my dad in the living room, still working on the computer, just before 2am. 

After church the next morning, he turned right around and burned the road back up to Charleston.  He wasn’t even here for 24 hours and he managed to leave so much love and support in his wake as he drove back down the interstate that I was overwhelmed.  I still don’t know how to properly convey my gratitude.  After the psychotic boat ride that was April, tangible support from my beautiful family was amazing. 

Because I am my father’s daughter, I do have an affinity for all things techie.  He gave my dual-screen PC a complete overhaul.  She now runs Windows 7 with a Ferrari background.  I hate to admit it, but Windows 7 is pretty stinkin’ gorgeous.  And, though I still have all my data (holler if you’d like to help me organize THAT), an empty bookmarks folder and clean desktop really help my sanity.  Who knew? 

Apparently, Dad knew.
Thanks, Dad.


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