I’d like to thank my momma, for giving me her wit and sense of humor.

April 23, 2010 § 3 Comments

Sadly, this is still not the post where I inform you of the amazing awesome that is coming down the chute in the next three years.  You ARE, however, receiving two of these here things in just one week.  Give a girl some credit.

The beautiful Onward Hoe! received a Beautiful Blog Award from the equally beautiful Andrea and part of the rule of the award is you must pass it on.  I was deemed worthy and her description was not only scarily accurate, but it made my heart happy that she thought of my blog as beautiful.   So, THANK YOU Beth-darlin’.  You make me feel normal.
I’m also asked to link you to 7 blogs that I feel deserve a Beautiful Blog Award.  And I don’t think I’m allowed to use Onward Hoe!, which makes this a bit hard, but I’ma try.

4) Her Feet Forward My gorgeous friend, Nicole, signed herself up to run a half-marathon in June.  These are her words and struggles as she seeks to get her body trained for 13 miles, as well as figure out exactly what it is she’s running for.  Or from.  She is a great friend that I didn’t see coming and inspires me daily.

Tulips) Ame Though we’ve never met in person, Amy has this magical gift to invite you in to her world of beauty simply through words on a screen.  She’s been a link on my blog more than once and for good reason.  Her love for Jesus and others inspires me to be a gentler, kinder person.  And, at the same time, she will have me giggling from those very same words.  Whenever I meet her, we’re going to send the men off, order take-out, and quilt.  I’ll cry, from the beauty and the hilarity that will ensue.

Red Balloon) To Whom It May Concern Jonathan is one of the most hilarious SEBTS students I’ve ever met.  He’s also one of the smartest.  He’s going to start photographing with me.  And he’s the only person, so far, that has kept me talking & laughing past the 0.5mile mark while trail running.  (To 0.8 actually!!)  He’s fantastic and one of the few men that will fight back when I push back.

57) That One Girl With A Burrito Y’all, this girl is a rock star.  Emily graces my porch with her presence, and her wine, not nearly often enough.  I love that we can share shots or cake and our talks range from Jesus to THAT HOTT GUY THAT JUST WALKED IN OMG DON’T STARE DON’T STARE!!!!  And, no matter the occasion, I leave thankful for her.

Aquamarine) Your Story Matters To Me erin is one of my current roommates and I don’t think I could ever properly put in to words how HILARIOUS she is.  she knows it, too, which only amplifies the ham in her.  she decided to start a blog of her (intentional) conversations with complete strangers.  she couldn’t possibly blog all of her conversations with complete strangers, there’s not enough time in the day.

Yen) Stuck in Customs Can you nominate men for a Beautiful Blog Award?  Maybe?  Welp, I’ma do it anyways.  I’ve never met Trey Ratcliff, but I would give you PD IV (the punkberry), my (completely amazing) bed, and the keys to Marlene to spend a weekend working with him.  This blog is beautiful and serves as inspiration for my own personal work.

Zed) Don Miller Don’t tell me you didn’t see this coming.  Though he’s probably received like a GAJILLION BBA’s by now, throw me to the end of the line.  His words provoke thought, affirmation, and much laughter.  I know, that’s two guys.  Dang.  He’s totally worth it.

If you have a blog, and I don’t know about it, or you think I should just read it anyways, feel free to send it my way!  I don’t waste nearly enough time on the internet.


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