Louie brought his new girlfriend over, and the nicest thing I can say about her is all her tattoos are spelled correctly. -Truvy

April 7, 2010 § Leave a comment

Gah.  I have wanted to talk to you beautiful people for like days now.  This time, though, it was so not my fault.  It was Jesus’ fault.

As you know, I gave up Twitter for Lent.  It was taking up too much free time and, beyond that, there was a specific purpose for me running on silent.  Halfway through Lent, I realized that facebook was tripping me up, too.  So, I turned it off as well.

Then, a couple of weekends ago, when I traveled to Charleston, my computer was in tow for Dad to fix him.  (He needs a name, btw.  The computer.  Not Dad.  Dad’s name is Bob.)  I came home, removed the computer from the trunk de Marlene and plugged him in.  Nothing happened.  Well, an error thingie happened that just left me with the option of calling Dad.  Troops were called in and le compooterr is still in zee ICU.  (God bless Will Davidson.) So, in a matter of weeks, I have been left with very little technology.  The silence causes my ears to ring.  Literally.

Crazy what God does in order to get your attention isn’t it?

See, a couple of months ago, I was gifted A Million Miles by the (absolutely fantastic!) Donald Miller.  He speaks of writing a better story with your life.  The book was particularly appropriate as I turned 28 this year.  Those of you this age, or older, realize the mack truck that is 30.  Realizing that landmark was less than 24 months away really caused me to look at what my life points to.  Watching film of amaris 2007 compared  to amaris 2009.  Much of me is the same.  I’m just louder and drink more.  Wait ’til I’m 70!  My sister and I have already decided we’ll be those crazy old women at the pool all day drinkin’ margaritas and whistlin’ at the pool boys.  We’re off to a good start.  Emily Collins will be there with us.  She just doesn’t know it yet.

Seriously, though, I began forming all of these ideas of what my life could look like, if I had a little bit more discipline, resources, and chocolate.  The month of January my imagination went into overdrive with the possibilities and I set out on a path to transform lots of things.  Prime examples, I took up trail running and got a tattoo.

Photo by Valerie Schooling

Before you know it, I’ll be selling Pampered Chef (HEAVEN HELP US ALL).  By the first of February, I was fighting to keep my imagination in check on an almost daily basis.  Gerard Butler was playing cards with my family, bein’ all perfect, cooking me dinners and laughing at everything I said.  It was bad, y’all.

Then, this kind lady talked about the death of an idea.  She has a way with words that I can only fantasize about and took an email I sent her, turned it around, and created a blog post that ran me over.  I, too, am mourning the death of an idea.  Realizing that the little pretty picture I have planned out in my head is what amaris dreams and thinks about and plans.  Jesus runs the show.  Not me.  He’ll take my ideas, break them down, and make a piece of art that I could never even fathom.
That’s what makes it all such a beautiful ride.

Above all, I’m still tryin’ to not lose my southern accent, not curse so much, and love others with reckless abandon.  Love with a capital L.  The way Jesus would love people.

He created willow trees.
He definitely has me.
And you.


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