Not all those who wander are lost – J. R. R. Tolkien

March 23, 2010 § Leave a comment

Aw man.  Y’all, I cannot even begin to tell you how awesome my familia is.  Jeremy Cowart claims that his is better, but I just don’t think so.

I made it through last week, only to leave my spreadsheet (with graphic) at home.  In Raleigh.  Yeah.  Dang.  But, I went to breakfast with momma and dad anyways, and somehow remembered all the numbers off the top of my head (brown chicken brown cow!!!) and, after all was said and done, Dad leaned back, folded his arms, looked at me and goes: “I have to admit, I’m impressed.  I think you’ve thought of every contingency.”  Aaaaand there goes Amaris, passed out on the floor.

Lemme ‘splain.  No, no, too much.  Lemme sum up.  My Dad should have been an accountant for the Maf!a.  He can take a budget, add subcategories, lead it to water, and make it say “Uncle”.  The man has a line item for shampoo, I’m pretty sure.  He’s a worst-case scenario thinker that, occasionally, drives my momma and I and sister and brother and the family cat CRAZY.  (Just ask us about the Walt Disney World book.  That’s a whole ‘nother blog post in and of itself.)  I mean, when he gets new auto insurance, the way he obtains his quote is to call the agent and go “If one of my family members were driving the vehicle and be faulted for an accident with a drunk driver who was uninsured and driving with a suspended license, and all parties were injured and our car was totaled, I want to be covered.”  I know right?  However, in his defense, that exact scenario happened.  To me.  Right.  So, to have this guy look across the table and tell me he thinks I’ve got it all covered?


The dance I just did cannot and will not ever be posted on the interwebs.  Just imagine. 😉

Needless to say, I felt totally validated.  They promised to pray about how they could help get me to the Czech Republic and/or feed me while I’m there.  🙂  So, I may get a Macbook AND food!  Isn’t that exciting?

Overall, Andrea & I had a pretty great 46 hours in Chucktown.  She is an incredible travel partner, getting things out of the car, reminding me my clothes were upstairs in the dryer, and playing DJ.  She looked at me on Thursday and said, “Just tell me where you want me to go, I have no itinerary.”  Traveling with a fellow wanderer is the best.  I’m not a scheduled traveler.  (See above comment about the Walt Disney Book.  If you don’t know it, that thing has a SCHEDULE for Disney World.  Chyah.)  Sometimes, I just want to go.  Climb in to the car with a rough idea and figure it out as we go.  This was one of those trips, and I was so glad to hear she was on the same page.  We walked the beach, saw live music, took photos, ran around with the windows down, shopped, and ate at 7 different restaurants.  What?  I’m in Charleston, Ima gonna eat.  Back up.

She loved it, and I did, too.  I’m happy we went.

The trip was all possible because of Marlene.  She is an incredible gift and I cannot properly put my gratitude in to words. I run non-stop and having her has made my life 704 times easier than before.  We all know that life can be hard sometimes.  Honestly, before her, I was reaching the end of my rope.  My load was a grand one, but a heavy one.  There have definitely been a lot of days that I’ve argued with Jesus about having someone to just cook me real food.  (I don’t ask for much, just real food so that I can study well and get back to the studio.)  Then, because He has all things, she came along; taking some of my load and allowing me to easily head south on 95 to eat lunch with momma & my sister and carry on so loudly in a downtown deli that people started to stare.  So grateful.

If you’ve ever thought of going to Charleston, you just let me know, and we’ll pile in to Marlene, throw a cooler in the back, and burn the road up.  My momma would love to meet you.


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