My idea of superwoman is someone who scrubs her own floors. ~Bette Midler

March 16, 2010 § Leave a comment

Spring cleaning is something I, typically, enjoy.  There’s something gratifying about starting a project with such visible results, getting to the end of it, and being able to look around and go, “Self, there are very few folks that rock the Soft Scrub like you.  Good job.”  This year, I’m in a much larger house than normal, with just about 2,000 square feet, hardwood floors, and more crown molding than can shake a stick at.  I love this house, but the foyer/hallway/laundry room/stairs took just under 3 hours to wipe down.  And I thought to myself, “Screw this.  I’m hiring help.”  And within just a couple of hours I had 2 minions friends to help knock the rest of it out tomorrow.  Chill out, chill out, I’m paying them.  Yes, in DOLLARS.  Well, and baked goods, too.  C’mon, you know you’d be willing to reorganize my hallway hutch in exchange for a mint chocolate cupcake.  I know it.

Because I’m special, I also decided to tackle the 248-lb linebacker that is financial planning this week.  Seriously, I just got really REALLY enthusiastic about having time for such projects and now, my head hurts.  Today was spent up to my frinkles in statements, and spreadsheets, and budgets, and trying to figure out how Blue Cross Blue Shield works.  Thank the good Lord there is hard liquor in this house.  Frankly, momma just wanted a margarita.  Or 4.  Anyway, headway was made.  At least a bit.  Thing is, I decided to throw a kink in to everything.  Rather than just have to do budgets, and plans, and pay things like credit cards, I’m trying to go to Prague, Czech Republic next year.

See, I’m required to study abroad for a semester.  And I’m excited about the idea, like whoa excited. 🙂 This school is digital photography specifically and um, hellooooo, in PRAGUE.  Why on God’s green earth would I NOT go???  The crux of the whole thing though, is the money.  But, Jesus has the money.  He always has the money.  Money ain’t a thang.  (Note: I am resisting typing a cheesy missions line here about how God provides.)  But, there’s still gotta be a plan!  I don’t get to blow all my cash for the next year on chocolate and beer and then beg Jesus to help me go to Prague.  I mean, that’d be friggin’ sweet if it was like that, but, alas, it is not.  There’s visas and a new passport and a (required) MacBook, and heaven forbid I’d like to eat.  Food?  Overrated.  MacBook orrrr food?  MacBook.  Hands friggin’ down.

But, if I can plow through all of this and make a TPS report (with accompanying graphic), I get to go to momma’s.  Two days in Charleston with my grand friend, Andrea.  Who likes gangsta rap as much as I do.  Us + Austin (whom we are booting out of the car once there) = a heckuva lotta Timberland in one vehicle.  There may or may not be booty dancing as well.  Plus seafood, and sand under my toes, and photographs with the beautiful Valerie.

Psh, please.  I got this.


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