Life without twitter is really, really quiet.

February 16, 2010 § 2 Comments

My ipod walked off yesterday.  And by walked off, I mean I (likely, though not confirmed) left it in the studio where it THEN walked off.  This isn’t the first very-important and not-really-cheap item of mine to disappear.  During a trip to Iowa City, IA, to visit Renee’, my DS Lite disappeared and the hotel refused to compensate.  My memory card with this year’s Rachel trip to Chicago pictures has, literally, vanished in to thin air.  And now, my beautiful lil’ ipod, that I have dropped, gotten wet, abused, sweated on, yelled at, accidentally synced with other libraries, and used as my hard drive for photos and schoolwork for four years…is gone.  I mean, I get it.  I would have walked out on a relationship if someone treated me like that.

A part of me is freaking out.  Due to the fact that I must do all of my work for design classes on campus, but I’d rather not drag my camera here, and I have to store my stuff on hard drives at home, using the ipod as the go between has been really helpful.  And then, a part of me is like, it’ll be alright.  Everything works out in the end.  Chill.

In the meantime, not being able to talk to the twitter world is WEIRD, y’all.  Weird like whoa.  You’d be proud.  I uninstalled UberTwitter on the bberry, and removed the cookie on my computer. Until now, I’ve also resisted reading twitter on other people’s computers (it’s not MY twitter, so it doesn’t count, right?  WRONG.)  I’ve also resisted the little twitter links on this beautiful lady’s blog.  And can I just say?  It’s only been 5 days or something ridiculous like that, and my world is so QUIET.  I have no idea what Morgan’s son Battle is doing today, or what Jeremy Cowart is thinking, or if Emily is recovering from bad decisions she made last night, and I have to remind myself to go see this woman and this woman.  (You should go, you’ll be glad you did.)

With my newfound free time, I’m working through Job.  It’s a fight.  I’m not incredibly talented at picking a book of the Bible and methodically working through it.  I’m a popcorn Bible reader.  I actually decided to read through Job like, a month ago.  I’m in chapter 4.  Hey!  It’s progress!

Jesus is also helping to smooth out my rough edges.  Stuff that I’ve been pushing to the back burner for weeks, months (and a year & 8 months in one instance), is being dealt with.  I know.  You’re like, “Amaris, it’s been 5 days.”  This is how much twitter was TAKING UP FREE TIME.   I even had company this weekend, worked 3 days, made cupcakes, and developed a choreographed routine for the next Rent production.

My heart and love for women feels like it has increased 3-fold since last week, and I cannot wait to see how God will use that in the future.  He’s bringing me in to a place of better health, with hopefully more kindness and love.  At the end of this, I’ll likely still yell at the television during football.  But, overall, baby might have a lil’ class.


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