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February 9, 2010 § 1 Comment

Yes, I am (fairly) certain that introspectival is not a word.  Oh, look, my little grammar thingie has it underlined, so that confirms it.  Whatev.  I like it.

Y’all, today was….rough.  (Ima be really vain for a minute)  If I had been a tv show, and they had just followed me around today, about 1pm you would have tuned in and been like “This poor girl needs to go home, go back to bed, and just start over.”  Good grief long day.  Not quite as painful as an episode of The Office.  At least I hope not.

It sometimes amazes me how things affect me, without me being really aware of it.  For example, I am more than aware of how brownies affect me, or sweet tea, or hugs.  I am a happier person as a direct result of any of those things.  But, stress in particular, I’m like “I’m good, I’m good, I’m good….HOLY BADONKADONK I AM SO NOT GOOD!”

Like that.  Today was like that.

And a great friend will be receiving coffee tomorrow because I had that badonkadonk moment in the middle of a conversation with him.  And then, it was weird.  So, I excused myself and resolved to bring him coffee and a note tomorrow thanking him for putting up with me despite my crazy pot self.

I came home, shut out my house, lit an ABSURD amount of candles, and put our claw-foot tub to good use.
It was that kind of day.

Jesus is doin’ stuff.  I know it.  I just hope I am teachable, and overall full of love.  That’s really all I want.  My resolve for the month of February (which is like, all about love) is to be more loving at the end of it.  And to hang out with other women that can help make that happen.

I did get a book today that has me cracking up with things you can do to mess with people’s brains.  My favorite so far is, on a blind date, when they go to the restroom, to switch: a) tables b) clothes c) hairstyles d) personalities e) gender.  More to come. (I know you’re excited.  Humor me.)

Oh, and I am giving up Twitter until Easter.



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