September 22, 2009 § Leave a comment

Whirlwind weekends are my favorite.  The past three days has been no exception.  I’m including today because I made giant strides in the battle that is health insurance.  Yesterday was glorious simply in the fact that it was Sunday.  Sundays are beautiful days, full of redemption and prayer and music and dancing with a sleeping baby in the back hallway.

Saturday was an unexpectedly beautiful day in and of itself.  Work was done early, for a change, and I had a Saturday night with no pre-determined schedule.  Which are the best kind, if I do say so.  I borrowed a friend’s car and made my way to Durham, for the chance to finally hear this man in concert.  And, it was better than I could have imagined.  It wasn’t packed, which I am more than okay with some times, and I managed to sit behind this incredible woman.  We got along immediately.  He played for over an hour and I even remembered my glasses…so, I actually could see what was going on!  (I know, I know, you’re shocked.)  Afterwards, I finally got to formally introduce myself to this person I’ve been stalk…er, emailing.  And I swear, I blinked, and I’m in this truck, on my way to dinner with him.
The great thing about this is, you totally believe me.  Because my life IS this random.

No, seriously, I really went to dinner with him.  As per usual, I rambled incessantly about anything and everything, though I did, in fact, really want to hear all about him, and his music, and how he got a songwriting grant (I don’t even know what that MEANS)…but, it wouldn’t be an Amaris-encounter without someone needing to beam into the scenario and tell me to shut up.  (No one showed up.  Which is most of the reason I rambled incessantly.)

We closed down the place and I drove back down the interstate with the sunroof back and the music on.  Night driving is my favorite.

Then, today, for about .08 seconds, I understood the current health insurance system.  Just as I was able to wrap my brain around it, the moment was gone, and I was just as confused as before.  Maybe more so.  But, in my daily battle with this thing I am only sometimes alright with, today was a small victory.  I finally got a Blue Cross person on the phone that would talk to me like I was a human, and not some other robot, and didn’t care that I used the word “hell” in everyday conversation.  So, wherever you are Jeff, I thank you.

With that matter straightened out (the claims and the forms and the deductibles and the 1CZ89-G exceptions!), I bravely rang Jan, the amazing woman who pays the bills at my dermatologist’s office.  Who, because she was in a good mood, someone gave her chocolate, she took pity on me, whatever the reason, offered to let me pay only a little each month until January (when the next big money comes), because Blue Cross refused to pay for ALL of my visits backdated until January 1.  Seriously.

Not only that, she’s given me a reduced rate, and is letting me combine visits.  My ever-worsening skin situation thanks you, Jan.

As a result of all of this, I get to see Tracy on Friday!  If you need a dermatologist AT ALL, you should seriously go to this lady.  Because she is….well, that’s not appropriate for the internetz.  But, she knows her stuff.  We’ll leave it at that.

And I am sitting here, listening to Jason’s stuff, and so happy I was finally able to see him play.  Between that and unexpected food, I know you’re jealous of my Saturday evening.  I would be.

Overall, quite a beautiful weekend.


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