Why, hello there.

August 2, 2009 § Leave a comment

Recently, more than one person has informed me they enjoy my “tweets”, and also my emails, most of the time. They think I should blog. So we’re gonna give this a try. I’m not sure I will ever be as amazing as this awesome lady, but I do believe this might be a good place to talk it out. If I can find someone to hug it out, I’ll be in good shape.

Today has already been long. And, in the morning, I will be spending it with many a chirrun’ at my beautiful second home, Vintage 21. (They added church onto the end of it, but I am not a fan.) I love this third job, though volunteer, and though I’m always sleepy until just about the end of the morning, and even though it almost always results in a 4-hour nap on Sunday afternoon. All of that matters not, as I spend the morning making motor boat noises, and flying, and dancing from the bathroom back to the big room. All the while, forgetting about big person problems like bills, and satisfying others, and all the other things that weigh on me so heavily every day.

So good night, moon. I’ll see you tomorrow.


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